Flight school

Weightshift and fixed wing microlight school

Flight school

We are proud to have a 38 year experience in microlight schooling in many different microlight aircraft.

We are capable of teaching you to learn how to fly in an efficient, adapted and sure way

Thanks to a system which proved itself over many decades, we are capable of teaching you fast. Many times it has been possible for a young student to start their solo flights after less than 10 hours of flight instruction (about 16 to 20 lessons) 

Pilots coming from other aeronautical disciplines take about half the time of a non experienced student.


An intensive course of 1 or 2 weeks being ideal, is possible to reserve any time of the year, and in summer you can reserve our intensive course with flights in the morning and evening, the rest of the day staying free for holliday events.

 In fact almost all students do not have the possibility to fly every day for 2 weeks (also for meteorological reasons). generaly they take several months to learn how to fly. Our program includes the radiocommunication with aeronautical wording.

Once solo, our students merit their licence after 5 hours of solo flights;if afterwards they want to be able to take passengers they need a total of 15 extra flight hours including training with an instructor.

They get this autorization after a flight test with their instructor centered on emergency situations, flight precision and communication with Air Traffic control on controlled airflields 

Your instructor is sole judge


We propose flight perfection lessons for pilots with their own machine.

We can advise pilots in the area of second hand and new aircraft adapted to their budget, their flight capacity, their projected flight destinations and their geographical situation.


The stages of flight perfection allow pilots to become more placid in their aircraft also in terms of stress situations, emergencies and during navigations with VHF communication and transponder use in the many controlled airspaces on the mediterranean. All this in the beautiful area around Nîmes.


To get your licence you need to pass the Multiple Choice Exam organised by several Ultralight flight schools.

The theoretical exam is based on the 14th edition of the Manuel de Pilote ULM (éditions Cépadues (Amazon/FNAC ) Also you can find questions on the internet to prepare your exam. Please do ask.


We organise stages for theory.