Order your flight

Take off from the Nimes Courbessac airfield for a touristic flight !

We propose 6 different vauchers

Option 1

15 minutes : 40 €  

The thrill of your first flight in a Microlight, to feel like a bird!

Generally , flying in free air procures a feeling of liberty and wonder

Option 2

25 minutes : 70 €

A direct flight to discover the aerea around the pont du gard. An anniversary present which one never forgets!

Option 3

30 minutes : 80 €

The ideal flight to discover the surprising valley if the gardon river and the Pont du gard airea, one of the best flights in our region

Option 4

45 minutes : 120€

An flight itinerary of your choice: for example Uzes, the Gardon river valley and the Pont du gard airea







Option 5

1 hour 15 minutes : 200€

An itinarary to the most beautiful sites:
The pont du Gard airea and les Beaux de Provence or The bridge of Avignon and the pont du gard airea

Option 6

New: green tourism!

1h 45 : 280€

A 'green' flying adventure over the camargue delta with its unexpected array of colours of the 'Salins' salt pits, Beauduc the mythical vilage, les Saintes maries de la Mer, the lagoons, the little Rhone river, the flamingos, the bulls and the wild white horses.

Conditions for use of your vaucher :


Please call us or text us at +33610318521 to establish your Rendez Vous, or send an email to willem.vlugt@yahoo.fr.

Minimum age: over 4 years

Standard maximum weight: 100kg (only one of our 3 axis microlights can take 110 kg)

Meteo check: please text or call +33610318521 one day or more before your flight (this is mandatory)

To avoid loosing them in flight, you should prepare an attachment of your phone etc. to take pictures or videos in the 'open' aircraft


Choice of the type of microlight


According to the preference of our clients and the meteological conditions (wind and temperature) we follow almost the same track (and for the same price) with the 2 types of microlight: closed (fixed wing), in free air -open : weightshift.

To enjoy the weightshift type, a 'calm' meteo is required, the fixed wing type is less perturbed in windy/turbulent conditions. Your pilot (only) decides when the meteo is not good enough, and may eventually postpone the flight. 

Our flight vauchers are valid for 1 year, they are non refundable but can be passed on to another person



This aircraft is entirely open, the sensations are therefore more intensive.

Your outfit needs to be adapted to the airspeed (around 80 km/hr) and the air temperature. 

A tight fitting jacket without hood, gloves and sunglasses is ideal

Weightshift flying is best when warm, with no rain and little wind

Motorcycle wear is quite adapted. 

Glasses adapted to your eyesight are a good idea.


Fixed wing microlight

In this aircraft you are protected from the wind  and will enjoy the panoramic view. You will fly at a low speed with plenty of time to watch and discover our  beautiful area in a pieceful manner

In winter conditions a warm outfit may be necessary.

Glasses adapted to your eyesight are a good idea.

Our flight vauchers are valid for one year; they are non refundable, but can be transferred to another person.